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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Freshadama or AAA

Q: Dear Sir or Madam,
I have 2 questions listed as follows:

1) What is the difference between White Freshadama Freshwater Pearl and White Freshwater Neckace?

2) There are 2 items from your websites (listed as below) which I like the most, but wonder which one is better, in term of quality, grade and type.
10.5-11.5 mm Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Freshadama Freshwater Pearl Necklace

3) Can we actually see (by eyeball) the difference by size, since one is 9-9.5mm, the other one is 10.5-11.5mm

A: 1. The difference between a freshadama pearl necklace and a standard freshwater pearl necklace are the pearls that the two are composed of. Freshadama strands are composed of loose-grade pearls: pearls that are reserved usually for earrings and pendants. This means that the pearls are almost perfect in shape, luster and surface. It is the highest quality of freshwater pearl produced today. Our AAA freshwater strands are also of very high quality, but these strands are composed of pearls selected for necklaces, not earrings and pendants.

2. Of the two strands that you are interested in, the freshadama strand is going to be the highest quality.

3. There is a substantial visual difference between the two sizes. Pearls are measured by diameter and are spherical. This means that for every two millimeters of size difference, the visual difference is nearly double the size.

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